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As of 03:30:00 PM GMT+8, September 14, 2015, ORE ranged between PHP1.27 and PHP1.28.
ORE’s last price is PHP1.27 with a Percentage Change of -3.05% or -0.04 points.

Support: PHP1.26
Resistance: PHP1.28

MACD, at -0.15, shows that ORE’s downward momentum is stronger than its upward momentum.
MACD is trending below the signal line.

RSI, at 28.33, shows that ORE is in a neutral trend (neither oversold nor overbought).

Stochastic, at 23.32, shows that ORE is neither oversold nor overbought.

ORE has a volatility score of 56.37%.
Note: High Volatility = High Reward = High Risk
The opposite is true when volatility is low.

ORE shows bearishness as its last price moves below the 5-day EMA.

Volume is 22.30% of the previous trading day.
Total Trade Amount on September 14, 2015: PHP165,450.00

All brokers’ buy average: PHP1.275433
All brokers’ sell average: PHP1.276900

As of September 14, 2015 at 03:30:00 PM GMT+8, 0 out of 11 active online foreign brokers traded ORE.
Online foreign brokers’ buy average: PHP0.00
Online foreign brokers’ sell average: PHP0.00

Number of Net Buyers Among Online Foreign Brokers: 0 out of 0
There’s no buyer among online foreign brokers.
There’s no seller among online foreign brokers.

On a 30-day trading range, ORE is on a Net Foreign Selling worth PHP215,890.00.

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