PHIL. LONG DISTANCE TEL. CO. (TEL) – 10.14.2014 Stock Review

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DISCLAIMER: I was not commissioned by any company to write about this stock review. The contents of this article are based on my own analysis and interpretation.  I would recommend you to do your own analysis if you’d like to confirm the information that is presented in this article.


Current Share Price: PHP3,022.00
Support: PHP3,010.00
Resistance: PHP3,044.00

Total Traded Amount: P1,263,275,670.00
Foreign Buying: 38.88%
Foreign Selling: 31.49%

PHIL. LONG DISTANCE TEL. CO. (TEL) - 10.14.2014 Stock Review

Technical Indicators’ Interpretations

As on October 14, 2014, PHIL. LONG DISTANCE TEL. CO. (TEL) ranged between PHP2,980.00 and PHP3,050.00. It closed at PHP3,022.00, which is 1.14% higher than its closing price on October 13, 2014. TEL was bullish in the first 90 minutes of trading before it started to slide down from 10:30AM GMT+8 until closing.

TEL’s MACD and DMI show that bears are still very much in control and in a direction stronger than bulls.

RSI gave a SELL signal today when TEL’s share price recovered by more than 1% today.

TEL is still oversold based on its Stochastic chart.

Volatility Ratio is high for a possible breakout. Because of TEL’s recovery today, QStick places it in a position wherein the buying momentum becomes stronger than the selling momentum for the past 8 trading days.

With this data that I present to you, will you hold, buy, or sell your TEL tomorrow?


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