Prices You Need to Monitor Tomorrow for ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI


You know why I can’t trade without my Price-Volume Distribution if you have watched the video of our EquiPicks service, if you are one of my clients, or if you are a member of my Facebook Group,

Simply put, I like my Price-Volume Distribution chart because of the following reasons:

  • It helps me identify reversals, divergences, or false breakouts.
  • It shows at a glance the prices that got the biggest volume with the highest number of trades.
  • It helps me see if the majority of the volume is registered near the intraday high, intraday low, or median. The price bar at the top of the chart represents the intraday high. The price bar at the bottom represents the intraday low.
  • It gives me a clue if cross trades happened at a certain price.
  • This chart helps me decide where we should place our buying or selling price because we can see the prices that got the biggest volume with the highest number of trades at a glance.

Have you read my latest article where I discussed how mastering buyers’ psychology has made me a profitable trader? If not yet, I strongly recommend that you read the article below.

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Without further ado, I just want to publish another freemium stuff (although it’s not as comprehensive as I what I send to our customers at Equilyst Analytics).

I’d like to show you the price points or ranges that you need to monitor tomorrow for ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI.

Do not treat this article as though I’m recommending that you trade these stocks. I just looked at the Top Gainers and Top Losers for today and picked some random stocks with the biggest total turnover value. That’s all.

So when I mention the price points or ranges that you need to monitor tomorrow, especially within the first 15 to 30 minutes of trading, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy or enter a new position within these prices.

I only want to give you a data-driven guide where traders could possibly position themselves tomorrow, especially within the first 30 minutes from the opening bell.

These dominant price points are subject to change, by the way. This is the reason why I automatically publish intraday updates for our customers for the stocks that are in our long-term investing and short-term trading watchlists.

Yes, I maintain two watchlists. One contains the stocks for long-term investing. The other one has the stocks for short-term trading.

So, whether our customers want to do either or both, they can do so.

Plus, there is a Private Clients Forum where the mentoring happens. Our customers may ask any question about the stock market or request for my stock analysis in the forum.

The presence of this guide for short-term trading and the availability of the forum for them to ask is one of the reasons why the customers of other service providers (whose focus is only on long-term investing) are switching to Equilyst Analytics.

Anyway, here are the Price-Volume Distribution Charts of ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI and the most active prices or ranges that you need to monitor tomorrow.

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – ABA

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 0.51-0.55

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – AEV

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 48.10-48.30, 48.40, 49.50

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – APX

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 1.62-1.66, 1.71, 1.78

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – CLC

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 7.40, 7.50, 7.70-7.81, 7.90, 8.00, 8.10, 8.50

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – ISM

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 6.10-6.40, 6.50, 6.60, 6.70-6.80, 6.90-7.00, 7.05, 7.10-7.17, 7.50

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – MAC

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 12.11-12.22

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – PXP

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 14.00, 14.50, 14.66, 14.70, 14.80-14.90, 15.00, 15.10, 17.40-17.80, 18.14, 18.20

Price-Volume Distribution Chart – SSI

Most active price point(s)/range(s): 2.45-2.46, 2.49-2.55, 2.57, 2.60, 2.66-2.68

There you go!

Again, please read the article I mentioned above so you will understand more why this Price-Volume Distribution chart is one of my favorite proprietary tools.

If you think this information is so powerful yet I give it to you for free, this should give you a crystal-clear idea how much more our clients get.

If you would like to be ahead of most traders, subscribe to EquiPicks.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Please comment below so I know that you find this information helpful. Thank you.


Jaycee De Guzman

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