I'm Re-launching My Top Stock Picks!

I’ve been preparing the Top Stock Picks for you. It’s happening!

Those of you who have been my clients and avid readers since 2014 know that the Top Stock Picks is a list of stock recommendations I personally hand-pick, analyze, and monitor.

When I launched this for the first time in 2014, I did not just give my clients a Buy Below Price like what most stock-recommendation service providers do even until today.

Imagine this for a minute.

If the Buy Below Price of the stock you’re monitoring is at P100, don’t you want to know where exactly below P100 you should buy?

If the share price is already faring at P95, you want to know if it still makes sense to wait near P90 (or lower) or not statistically.

Why would you buy at P95 if it statistically makes sense to wait some more and position to buy near P90, right?

So, every hour, I posted a Price Range where it was statistically best to buy the stock.

Why every hour?

…because my clients did not buy at the same time.
…because the price changes almost every second.

On top of that, I was also posting hourly updates for each recommended stock in our private forum.

Friend, I did not expect to receive 1000+ customers 4 weeks from the initial launch! That was an incredible experience!

Two things are very clear to me.

1. You like a BUY RANGE more than a Buy Below Price.
2. You like intraday updates more than a once-a-month newsletter.

We’re going to launch our Top Stock Picks on June 12, 2018. We will only accommodate the first 100 subscribers on the first day.

Please comment below if you’d like to know more about our Top Stock Picks.

Jaycee De Guzman

I am the founder and CEO of iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. and Equilyst Analytics, Inc. At iPresence, we have been helping SMEs reach and dominate the global market through our digital marketing services since 2001. At Equilyst, we have been helping Filipinos experience a simplified and profitable stock trading and investing experience in the Philippine Stock Market since 2014.
Jaycee De Guzman

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