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Current Share Price: PHP775.50
Support: PHP752.50
Resistance: PHP790.00

Total Traded Amount: PHP48,534,465.00
Foreign Buying: 55.37%
Foreign Selling: 33.19%

SM INVESTMENTS CORPORATION (SM) - 10.20.2014 Stock Review

Technical Indicators’ Interpretations

As on October 20, 2014, at 1:47PM GMT+8, SM INVESTMENTS CORPORATION (SM) has ranged between PHP759.50 and PHP776.50. SM is currently at PHP775.50, which is 3.06% higher than its closing price on October 17, 2014.

Foreign investors are the net buyers as of this writing holding 55.37% of the 48 million peso worth of traded shares.

Bears are still trying to be in control of the situation based on the MACD and DMI charts.

RSI has already issued a BUY signal.

Stochastic shows that SM is still in an oversold state.

Volatility Ratio is high for a potential breakout at PHP785.00 before it breaks PHP790.00.

QStick shows that the selling force remains stronger than the buying force for the past 8 trading days.

Will you follow the lead of foreign investors and buy now that SM has already increased by 3.06% from last week’s closing or you’ll lock in profits?

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