US Stock Exchanges Were Down by Over 3% Yesterday. What You Should Do Today?

US Stock Exchanges Were Down by Over 3% Yesterday. What You Should Do Today?

DJIA is down by 3.10%, S&P500 by 3.24%, NASDAQ by 3.80%, and NYSE by 2.83% as of market closing on December 4, 2018.

What drove this rally?

– unsettled trade-war between the US and China
– Thirty-year bonds lead rally in Treasuries after inversion
– news that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s push to avoid a so-called “hard Brexit” may be at risk

Will the Philippine Stock Exchange Index follow through today?

Historical data shows that PSEi almost always follows through with the previous-day performance of the US Exchanges. It’s not impossible for PSEi to revisit the support at 7500 today.

But whether or not PSEi follows through with the decline or continues to move above the 200-day moving average, there’s one thing that I highly recommend EquiPicks subscribers should do.

Are you a long-term investor?

Continue buying any of the 16 stocks in our Long-term investing watchlist. I maintain the BUY rating. After all, our buy case is intact for each of them. So why change our course if our buy case is intact? Makes sense?

A lot of newbie and novice investors will react fearfully today. That’s for sure. They will even use adjectives or expressions on their Facebook posts that will suggest fear. If you’re gullible, if you don’t have a data-driven strategy, or if you’re not being guided by a mentor, you’ll end up stressed.

You don’t have to worry about the price points where you should put your buying price. I have given you the following:

✅ Top 5 Prices with the Biggest Volume
✅ Top 5 Prices with the HIghest Number of Trades
✅ Volume Weighted Average Price
✅ Top 10 Players’ Buying Average
✅ Top 10 Players’ Selling Average

You can see these as columns on our Long-term Investing watchlist. Please read the Quick Start Guide if you’re a new subscriber. I have explained what these five columns are.

Are you a short-term trader?

You have our short-term trading watchlist. I have also given you those 5 columns I’ve mentioned above. You’re ahead of most traders because you can see processed information that isn’t available for most retail investors.

Still not sure what to do?

You have our Private Clients Forum. Post in the Stock Analysis Requests forum if you want to know my insights toward a stock. Post in the Psychology and Strategies forum if you want to seek clarification about our framework or if you want to confirm your understanding of our trade setup for any stock.

Everything you need is already inside your EquiPicks subscription.

Some service providers only cover long-term investing. Here at Equilyst Analytics, we provide assistance on both long-term investing and short-term trading.

Some service providers only send newsletters. There’s no way for you to ask follow-up questions. They don’t even reply when you email them. At Equilyst Analytics, you can ask through the Private Clients Forum. All conversations are formal and professional in tone. There’s no trolling here.

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