AskJaycee 7 - Normal

AskJaycee # 7: Am I Normal?

Do you have the choleric or melancholic personality type? At some point, I know you asked yourself if you're normal. It takes one to know one. Accept that you're totally different from the sanguine and phlegmatic. Here's how I accepted my uniqueness and rarity.
why life is a race for me - and I don't authorize you to change that

AskJaycee # 2: Why Life Is a Race for Me (and I don’t authorize...

They say life is a marathon and not a race. It's different in my case. Life is a race and not a marathon. You will never understand my conviction until you experience what I went through. Let me tell you a story.
Ask Jaycee - Excellence

#AskJaycee 1: Excellence

Our topic today is about excellence. Excellence is a personal disposition. Read this article to know what makes me thrive under pressure and how I attract like-minded people.
I Remember This Story When Life's Difficult

The Story That I Remember When Life’s Difficult

Preparation precedes promotion, but life sometimes doesn't tell if the preparation will lead to a promotion. This incident reminds me of what could be waiting behind the "preparation" when I come across an uncomfortable challenge in life.
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